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F22 Studios' premium 3750 square foot sound stage attached to our rental house in Burbank, CA.
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F22 Main Stage Picture

Pre-Installed RGBWW Lighting

Save time and hassle with our state-of-the-art lighting system. Boasting 18 powerful fixtures, all easily controlled by a tablet interface mounted next to the stage, you'll have the creative freedom to shape the color and look of your scene however you see fit.

Hair & Makeup Area

Our stage also features a nearby hair and make-up station with four spacious stations to prepare your talent as well as a changing room for privacy. Both areas feature lights that can be customized from tungsten to daylight.

Roll-Up Bay Door

To allow for easy load-ins, our stage has a sound-proofed roll-up bay door, leading straight to our front parking lot. Your crew will also have access to multiple parking spots as well as abundant street parking in the area.


Our space also features a kitchen and an abundance of seating and counter space to help you prepare crafty, and for whatever other food service needs you may have.

Sound-Reduced Green Room

Whether you need a quiet place to monitor your production or a place to keep actors between takes, this green room provides comfort and easy-access for all your production's needs.

Stage Floorplan

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