At F22 Studios, we leverage our decades of experience in the entertainment industry to adopt a unique cinematic approach to this technology:

Cinematic Approach

1) A focus on storytelling and immersion for the viewer

2) A deep understanding of the limitations and freedom that comes with a brand new viewing experience

3) Video that feels natural to watch and avoids techniques that induce motion sickness completely

4) 4k per eye, 60fps, 180 degrees video, and Spatial Audio

Immersive Perspective

We believe this technology will revolutionize the viewing experience and allow us to revisit stories in a completely new and breathtaking way.

Mixed media stereoscopic and immersive video provide the viewer a completely new connection to the story like never before. F22 Studios is positioning themselves to be at the forefront of immersive video technology.

Immersive Production

F22 Studios has over a decade of experience with productions of all sizes. From branded content to docuseries, from pre-production through post, we are here to help.

Immersive Post-Production

Our post-production facilities support front-to-back services with local and remote capabilities.

YouTube VR

Distribute content as you would on any YouTube channel allowing headset users to view it in immersive video, while traditional viewing options appear for computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

Branded App

Develop branded applications for Vision OS and Quest OS. This option allows for the highest possible quality video available today.