Creative Space

Our creative space is a 400 sqft open studio that is perfect for interviews, inserts, and small shoots. Two bathrooms, crafty, parking, and WiFi help round out the space to fit your needs. Additional offices, make-up stations, and staff are available. On site lighting and camera inventory makes planning and last-minute changes simple.

Studio Space

Alongside LA Film Boutique, F22 Studios is offering a 3,600sqft studio space with a kitchen, bathroom, WiFi, and a producer’s loft. Located off of Interstate 5 in Burbank, we offer an all-inclusive studio experience with up to two parking lots and a massive inventory list that includes everything you may need for your production. Additionally, both a theater space and post-production bays are available.

The Whole Enchilada!

We can also accommodate your event or party in the entirety of our location. Bathrooms, various lighting setups, PA Speakers and seating are included to make sure your event goes off without a hitch.

Contact us below to get more details and rates!